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Philadelphia Face Lifts

    The Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware region is so exciting and different when it comes to wedding and special event venues. There are not a lot of cities across the country with the number of historic properties we have – venues ranging from old barns and historic estates, to colonial era mansions and […]

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Drunk and Disorderly

by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC I’m sure by now that many of you have seen the news of the video from this weekend's wedding disaster here in Philadelphia; involving guests from two weddings, the police and a relative of one of the brides dying.   Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the […]

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Pop, Crackle, YUM!

This blog post was going to wait until I had more supportive photos from the photographer; however a Facebook comment about craving fruit cereal, and the commotion it caused prompted me to do this sooner… Recently we had a couple, that when we met over a year ago, said they LOVE cereal and wanted to […]

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Southeast Asian, The Next Big Wedding Food Trend

We’re foodies, we admit it! And we tend to attract couples who are foodies and want to include some of the hottest ideas. We’ve worked with LOTS of couples including fresh, seasonal, local foods. We’ve done Tapas styled receptions with multiple short plates, family style and even a Kosher reception with a 7 course tasting […]

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On The Mark! Interview with Cutting Edge Entertainment’s Craig Sumsky

    This is a something we haven’t posted in a while….It’s a fun little Q&A with some of the wedding professionals we get to work with . We think it’s really important for the couples we work with to not only know the work and pricing of the people we work with but to […]

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Beat the Heat!

  Signature Cocktails that reflect the couple, with fun, funky names and garnishes have been the rage for some time now – (from Jackie and Steven's wedding this past weekend)   But we found this INSANELY AMAZING twist on the Signature Cocktail! Check out the AWESOME Adult Ice Pops we found in this NY Times […]


 This blog post is sure to make some of your stomachs growl, get other’s creative juices flowing and others it might make your blood boil….{sorry} While presenting at a recent NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) conference in Reno, Nevada – they took us out to an old mining town called Virginia City for a […]

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I see this at EVERY wedding, it brings the wedding reception ton a screeching halt……. Inevitably, with about 30 to 45 minutes left in the reception – someone drops a glass in the middle of the dance floor and everything stops! Here are a couple ways to help keep this from becoming a total […]

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How great of a wedding gift would this be?

 by Karen Peterkin, PBC Recently Mark ran into an industry acquaintance  Joan Zylkin, an event painter and when he shared her information I thought it would be a great blog post Quite simply, she is an event painter who will come out to an event- wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions included- and do a live painting of […]

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OK, OK, I know it’s her day!

I’m all ready putting on my bulletproof RED shirt, because in the past I made a comment about photos with brides carrying beer bottles and got taken to task… “It’s her day and if she’s having fun, that’s all that counts” I GET THAT! Let’s look at this in a slightly different tone… The “it’s […]