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Stories from the Altar

  You’ll typically hear us say one of the hardest parts of the day is getting the couples, family and bridal party to the ceremony. The logistics of hair and makeup, dressing, pre ceremony photos and transportation are always challenging, everything takes longer than you’d think. I’ve often said we can get you there, get […]

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Ruth + David’s Rose Garden Ballroom Wedding

The Rose Garden Ballroom in the Hyatt at the Bellevue was the perfect location for this couples vintage inspired wedding… the ballroom was built in 1904 in the architectural style of the French Renaissance. Their 1920’s – 1930’s inspired feel included  retro styled invitations and stationery (designed by our own Christina Gargano Lupo), as well […]

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Going Public

  More and more of our couples are hosting chic, urban weddings… In many of these cases the photos are done in some VERY public places. We’ve had a couple {Lauren + Gene} who entered into the realm of Occupy Philadelphia with photographer Jackie Bayne of Love Shack Photo – the couple was crossing between […]

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Philadelphia’s Newest Loft Style Space

    All of our wedding planning friends in NYC are always jealous of the historic space we have to host weddings in Philadelphia {and rightly so…}; and we’re pretty jealous of the number of ‘white box’, loft style spaces they have in NYC…. they are a great blank canvass for a personalized wedding. Well, […]

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Call me, Maybe?

  by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC – Director of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants   The day has finally come! As some of you may know, when I started The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants nearly 13 years ago our ‘office phone’ was a cell phone. It was great when I was working part time […]

The Lost Art of Thank You Notes

  I admit it.  we’ve become a society who has forgotten what a pen and paper are for…I’m somestimes guilty of it too… Sending off an email thanking someone for lunch or a referral or professional advice is the casual easy way out… Text messages THX, TNX or TU – just don’t cut it when […]

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Telling Your Story: Subha and Jay

by Karen Peterkin For Subha and Jay, telling their story turned out to be quite easy.  They wanted a wedding day that was very personal, and one that honored not only cultural traditions but also special people in their lives. The Hindu ceremony and traditions were the biggest piece of the culture story they chose […]

Have A Heart – Save A Life!

Happy Valentine's Day from The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants! As most of you know we NEVER (OK, never is a long time) post anything that doesn't directly apply to brides and grooms…. This, however, we thought was an excellent exception as this was the best way to reach Philadelphia wedding professionals and as a […]

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84 in Dog Years

    Yup, that would be 12 for you and me – however I’m beginning to think that dog years and wedding planning years are about the same… Because if you know anything about the wedding business, years in the wedding industry are hard! It’s an industry where you live and die on your reputation, […]

your recent engagement {part 3}

“What planner is the best fit for me?” I’m going to start to duck and cover as this part of a discussion always gets heated…. Looking at wedding planners can often turn into a blur – many of the names, websites and services all start to sound the same and run together. The truth is […]