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What you don’t know MIGHT hurt you.

    by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   As you know if you’ve read our blog with any regularity; our focus is on couples planning weddings and NOT on wedding professionals even though we know many professionals across the globe read our posts on social media. Today’s RARE Saturday post crosses the line addressing both couples […]

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A Message from the Guy in the Red Shirt…

  by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal ConsultantTM     I'm very excited for what is in store for me, The Queen of Hearts team and Eventricity! While I'll remain active behind the scenes with staff  training, as a planning and etiquette resource and posting some social media. I know that my dear friend and colleague […]

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Stories from the Altar

  You’ll typically hear us say one of the hardest parts of the day is getting the couples, family and bridal party to the ceremony. The logistics of hair and makeup, dressing, pre ceremony photos and transportation are always challenging, everything takes longer than you’d think. I’ve often said we can get you there, get […]

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Philadelphia’s Newest Loft Style Space

    All of our wedding planning friends in NYC are always jealous of the historic space we have to host weddings in Philadelphia {and rightly so…}; and we’re pretty jealous of the number of ‘white box’, loft style spaces they have in NYC…. they are a great blank canvass for a personalized wedding. Well, […]

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Call me, Maybe?

  by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC – Director of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants   The day has finally come! As some of you may know, when I started The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants nearly 13 years ago our ‘office phone’ was a cell phone. It was great when I was working part time […]

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I Missed My Anniversary!

             by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM   I can't believe I missed my anniversary! (I'll blame it on our family's transition to three children in the last six months)  And no, not my own wedding anniversary (can you even imagine?!) but my Queen of Hearts anniversary!  I am happy to announce […]

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Local Brides Diagnosed with B.M.S.!

    Local wedding professionals are reporting an outbreak of a record number of cases of B.M.S. in the first 15 days of 2012… B.M.S. (Bridal Madness Syndrome) is generally found in brides who become engaged over the 2011 Thanksgiving / Christmas / Hanukkah / New Year’s holiday season;  but this year others have shown […]

Why you’ll be late to your wedding!

I’m hearing more and more stories from brides who were guests at other weddings as well as from wedding professionals about weddings starting late… So we’re going to tackle common reasons why weddings start late how to fix them, and most importantly how to AVOID them… AS a wedding planning we tackle these head on […]

your recent engagement {part 3}

“What planner is the best fit for me?” I’m going to start to duck and cover as this part of a discussion always gets heated…. Looking at wedding planners can often turn into a blur – many of the names, websites and services all start to sound the same and run together. The truth is […]

…your recent engagement {part 2}

“Do I really need a planner?” Hiring a professional is ALWAYS a good idea! {We hire professional attorneys, accountants and web designers, because we know our strengths and weaknesses. What we know and what we don't know!} However, knowing how much help you need and where you are OK with turning over some control is […]