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What you don’t know MIGHT hurt you.
June 1, 2013

by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   As you know if you’ve read our blog with any regularity; our focus is…

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A Message from the Guy in the Red Shirt…
March 6, 2013

by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal ConsultantTM     I'm very excited for what is in store for me, The Queen…

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Stories from the Altar
October 3, 2012

You’ll typically hear us say one of the hardest parts of the day is getting the couples, family and bridal…

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Philadelphia’s Newest Loft Style Space
August 9, 2012

All of our wedding planning friends in NYC are always jealous of the historic space we have to host…

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Call me, Maybe?
July 13, 2012

by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC – Director of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants   The day has finally come! As…

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I Missed My Anniversary!
May 1, 2012

by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM   I can't believe I missed my anniversary! (I'll blame it…

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Local Brides Diagnosed with B.M.S.!
January 17, 2012

Local wedding professionals are reporting an outbreak of a record number of cases of B.M.S. in the first 15…

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Why you’ll be late to your wedding!
January 11, 2012

I’m hearing more and more stories from brides who were guests at other weddings as well as from wedding professionals about…

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your recent engagement {part 3}
December 29, 2011

“What planner is the best fit for me?” I’m going to start to duck and cover as this part of a…

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…your recent engagement {part 2}
December 27, 2011

“Do I really need a planner?” Hiring a professional is ALWAYS a good idea! {We hire professional attorneys, accountants and web…

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