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What you don’t know MIGHT hurt you.

    by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   As you know if you’ve read our blog with any regularity; our focus is on couples planning weddings and NOT on wedding professionals even though we know many professionals across the globe read our posts on social media. Today’s RARE Saturday post crosses the line addressing both couples […]

No She Di’nt?!

 by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   OK, enough time has elapsed to tell one, tiny, story out of school…. Back in about 2001 when I first started The Queen of Hearts, I was hired to do a wedding with an interesting story…. The bride had been engaged twice before {and called it off} and the groom […]

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Just Dance, Spin that record babe…da da doo doo just dance!

   by Rebecca Druckenmiller I seriously cannot wait to dance the night away at our wedding.  When we first starting planning, we, like many couples, struggled with whether to hire a band or a DJ. Price obviously was a major factor in our decision-making process but it wasn’t the deciding factor.  Dan and I both […]

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Life of the Party

As a Philadelphia wedding planner for nearly ten years and having catered weddings and events for 30 years before that…. I’ve seen wedding receptions that really rocked the house and others that made people YAWN and by the last dance the room was nearly empty… I’ve heard people talk about what it takes to fill […]