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Prime –

adjective : a) of the highest grade regularly marketed -used of meat and especially beef b) first in rank, authority, or significance Last night Keli and I attended an event at Barclay Prime on Rittenhouse Square (part of Starr Restaurants) and I’m pretty sure Webster’s Dictionary had them in mind when they wrote this definition. […]

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Summer + Marc's Wedding

Saturday was such an AMAZING day… It was the wedding of Summer and Marc – their families are from this area but the couple (and their twins) live in southern California…. I’ve been doing long distance planning with them for a number of months and even had meetings with summer while I was in Newport […]

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Becca and Dan

I wanted to share this video of Rebecca and Dan’s wedding… They were married this fall at The Church of the Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse Square with a reception to follow at the fabulous Four Seasons Philadelphia. Special thanks to Dave Williams from DVideography for sharing this with me….


No sweeties, this post has nothing to do with the 1990’s hysterically funny British comedy ABFAB (Absolutely Fabulous)…. {Although I was really excited to be able to steal that line as a title} J This is post is all wedding, all food and all luxury…. Tucked away in the Rittenhouse Hotelon the west side of […]