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Philadelphia’s Newest Loft Style Space

    All of our wedding planning friends in NYC are always jealous of the historic space we have to host weddings in Philadelphia {and rightly so…}; and we’re pretty jealous of the number of ‘white box’, loft style spaces they have in NYC…. they are a great blank canvass for a personalized wedding. Well, […]

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Beat the Heat!

  Signature Cocktails that reflect the couple, with fun, funky names and garnishes have been the rage for some time now – (from Jackie and Steven's wedding this past weekend)   But we found this INSANELY AMAZING twist on the Signature Cocktail! Check out the AWESOME Adult Ice Pops we found in this NY Times […]

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Are you a Couch Tomato?

      Yes, I got it right Couch Tomato– you’d have to be from Philly (Manayunk actually) to fully appreciate that; the Couch Tomato Café is a great local pizzeria / sandwich shop – which fairly recently opened the Tomato Bistro on the second level            Rebecca and I went to visit  not […]

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More Fun Than The NFL Draft!

    Lots of weekends we see brides-to-be out at Bridal Events where we speak, on a Sunday, with the groom-to- be at home – watching football! Sometimes we actually see brides and grooms together – wearing football jerseys as the bride is as big of a football fan as he is… We also know […]

Rehearsal Dinner Drama….

One of the more challenging areas of wedding planning is the dreaded ‘Rehearsal Dinner’ Brides and Grooms often dread it because it is one major area they may have to really ‘let go’ – it may be the one big piece the Groom’s family is planning (or traditionally contributing to). Then it becomes the question […]

The Day The Earth Shook…

Ya, ya, ya, this may be a little overly dramatic – and I’m sure my friends in California are Rolling on the floor laughing…. But that was the day it happened – there I was with Rebecca at the Cira Center having lunch and I honestly thought the rumbling was either my stomach’s anticipation of […]

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Reality Check: Rehearsal Dinners

We oftensee struggles with rehearsal dinners more than most parts of the planning process… Maybe it’s because the groom’s family is often pay for or arranging it and there are times we have little contact with them until this point… Maybe it’s because there are so many varying points of view or opinions on what […]

Treated Like A Starr…

I hear couples talk all the time about how much they wish they could have the food from their favorite restaurant for their reception… Sometimes that’s a little tough – it might not be large enough for the number of guests you’re inviting… But, what about hosting a rehearsal dinner there, maybe a bridesmaids luncheon, […]


No sweeties, this post has nothing to do with the 1990’s hysterically funny British comedy ABFAB (Absolutely Fabulous)…. {Although I was really excited to be able to steal that line as a title} J This is post is all wedding, all food and all luxury…. Tucked away in the Rittenhouse Hotelon the west side of […]