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Can You Say Makhetonim?

  {LOL, sorry, I just love the way that word sounds}.Doing lots of Jewish weddings, you pick up lots of new vocabulary – Makhetonim (mock – ha –tun-im) is a great Yiddish word, it actually has no direct English translation – it roughly means co-in-laws or co- parenting your child’s spouse. We love how this […]

…and Getting Reviewed {part 3 of a series}

  All brides are beautiful! And every wedding showcased on every wedding planner’s, caterers, florists or photographer’s website is beautiful. We make an effort to showcase a wide range of the types of wedding we assist in planning – we’ve done weddings of nearly every race, religion and ethnicity. And we enjoy helping every couple […]

Our Blog, Being Social and Getting Reviewed {part 2}

  Part 2: Being Social Weddings are social events – not just for the couple getting married or their families- but for the wedding professionals too… It takes a team to make a great wedding, we LOVE the wedding professionals we get to work we refer to and we like spending time with them at […]

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Our Blog, Being Social and Getting Reviewed

  Engagement parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings are Social Events – so it stands to reason that a HUGE part of what we do is social. Weddings, in general, are about relationships – obviously yours as bride and groom, but also your families coming together, our relationship with you and our […]

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Beat the Heat!

  Signature Cocktails that reflect the couple, with fun, funky names and garnishes have been the rage for some time now – (from Jackie and Steven's wedding this past weekend)   But we found this INSANELY AMAZING twist on the Signature Cocktail! Check out the AWESOME Adult Ice Pops we found in this NY Times […]

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{MOH} Man of Honor?

By: Mark Kingsdorf  Seems that not a month goes by without someone asking me questions about how to deal with this particular situation… it’s happening more and more, in all kinds of weddings. I can remember the first time we had honor attendants {yes, that’s actually the more PC term} – it was over 5 […]

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

  By now, no doubt, you’ve heard that we merged with my dear friend Phyllis Jablonowski and the team at Eventricity, LLC Very soon you’ll see a new Eventricity website with a great photo gallery of their work, blog and some great additions to the Eventricity décor team. You’ll also see introductions on our blog […]

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I Missed My Anniversary!

             by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM   I can't believe I missed my anniversary! (I'll blame it on our family's transition to three children in the last six months)  And no, not my own wedding anniversary (can you even imagine?!) but my Queen of Hearts anniversary!  I am happy to announce […]

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What Happened to Earth Day?

Sunday was earth day, the 42nd Earth Day actually –  I’m proud to say I remember the first Earth Day. We cleaned up trash in the woods next to our school and planted seeds and watched them grow {although I’m not sure how good the foam cups were for the environment} Over the last few […]

It Never Rains In South Philly…

  OK, ok, I’m only kidding…in the Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware region it often rains on someone’s wedding day….. Urban legend or superstition says that if you place a statue of the Virgin Mary in your front window the week of your wedding it won’t rain on your wedding day… If that were true, it […]