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Bring On 2013!

  Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   Ringing in the New Year tends to be a little anticlimactic when you work in the wedding industry… We’ve had couples booked for 2013 wedding dates since the middle of 2012. We’ve been working with couples on personalizing their day and looking ahead to see what’s hot, fun and new […]

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525,600 minutes of 2012

by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultant OK, I admit it…I’m a RENT HEAD, that’s where the 525,600 minutes reference comes from… but ‘Seasons of Love’ is somehow appropriate for wrapping up a year filled with love and amazing blessings for our team. We started off the year as a new team – our merger with […]

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Thank You for Your Service!

by Karen Peterkin, PBC In honor of Veteran's Day just passing, I wanted to honor two very special military personnel:  my clients Francesca and Nick!  Nick is currently serving in Afghanistan and Francesca just recently moved back from Kuwait to her new post on the West Coast.  While they were home for R&R in October […]

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We’ve Got It in the BAG!

  More and more couples are providing  Welcome Bags for their guest from out of town…it’s a great way to welcome them to your wedding celebration…. And a nice touch at the end of the night, returning to your hotel room after a long night of partying! Here is a beautiful Welcome Bags we recently […]

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“It’s OK, we found it cheaper.”

As professional wedding consultants our job is to have our ears to the ground, we hear the good , the bad and the ugly… When we refer wedding professionals to our clients we've done our research – we know the quality of the product or service we are recommending as well as the customer service […]

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Lesson Learned

by Karen Peterkin, PBC I was inspired when Mark shared stories about his first weddings over a decade ago, so I thought back to lessons I learned personally during the first weddings I ever coordinated. The first wedding I coordinated was over seven years ago.  At that time I was interning with the Queen of […]

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Introducing our newest team member!

by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   I’m REALLY excited to introduce everyone to my new partner Phyllis Ann Jablonowski; owner of Eventricity, LLC. In case you missed it, The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants joined forces with Eventricity, LLC earlier this year. We are the wedding planning division of her larger, family run, event planning and […]

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The New Caesar Salad –

  by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultant     Too funny how some things come from our past… my classical culinary training has taught me that Caesar Salad is done one way, one recipe and traditionally made to order often table side…. Add anything else to it and it is no longer a Caesar Salad […]

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Forget Regret. Or Life Is Yours To Miss.

    What will you regret at the end of your wedding day? We recently attended a Bridal Panel at our local National Association of Catering and Events chapter. It was mix of six couples, all recently married or soon to be married. Each with various budgets and styles of weddings from across the region… […]

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Call me, Maybe?

  by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC – Director of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants   The day has finally come! As some of you may know, when I started The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants nearly 13 years ago our ‘office phone’ was a cell phone. It was great when I was working part time […]