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Queen of Hearts Featured in Philadelphia Weddings Magazine!

We're so excited to share that we've been featured in Philadelphia Weddings Magazine! Check out Rebecca's Appleford Wedding and Mark's "Ask the Experts" column in the Spring/Summer issue hitting newstands on December 12!  Here's a sneak peek 😉     

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I see this at EVERY wedding, it brings the wedding reception ton a screeching halt……. Inevitably, with about 30 to 45 minutes left in the reception – someone drops a glass in the middle of the dance floor and everything stops! Here are a couple ways to help keep this from becoming a total […]

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For those of you who happen to get our blog on an RSS feed or check it on your blog reader… You may be missing some really cool stuff… It might JUST look like the blog header has changed – but we’ve actually launched an entirely new website – Check out this great “Identity Piece” […]

Continuing Education -Destination Phoenix!

 Wow, this past week we had a busy couple of days.   Mark, Kristin and I all attended the Association of Bridal Consultants international conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s much closer to home next year so we’re hoping the rest of the team will be able to join us in Baltimore for the 2011 Conference.  As members of […]

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Say I Do!

Several months ago I did a video interview on wedding etiquette…. It seems the entire series of  wedding interviews done by creator / executive producer Angelina Cicala have been turned into a TV show called ‘Say I Do, NYC!’ featured on NYC TV (channel 25) a station operated by the City of New York… The show […]

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I’m Not A Real Manly Man….

{LOL, ok, that is probably no surprise to most of you anyway….} I know I’m not the toughest guy in the gym {OK, truthfully, I don’t remember the last time I WENT TO THE GYM} But when I go to get a manicure {STOP LAUGHING} I don’t want to be sitting in a big PINK […]


A few of you may know this already – my new BFF is Skype! If you’re not familiar with Skype, it is a software to make voice calls over the internet and to do video conferencing – within the network to another user it’s free (calls to a cell number or landlines are charged a […]

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The Truth about STDs

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…but it got you attention… In the world of weddings – people abbreviate EVERYTHING! It’s OK to abbreviate things like MOB (mother of the bride), FOG (father of the groom), BM (best man or bridesmaids)…when you are referring to them in passing. STD  is PROBABLY something we should do away with abbreviating…. (Mark’s […]

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50% +10…

OK, what ARE you talking about? Wedding Programs! EVERY wedding, after the ceremony is over we go around and clean up….personal items people let behind, trash and Wedding Programs….. Brides don’t always listen and they order too many! I know this is odd coming from someone who designs and sell wedding programs…it’s still great to […]

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Teresa + Chris

Fun is HARDLY a big enough term to describe Teresa and Chris… As you might remember from their engagement shoot with photographer Joy Moody, they went shopping in Reading Terminal Market, cooked an AMAZING meal together and then continued the shoot with their dog and a costume change that reflected their personalities…. Their wedding as NO EXCEPTION, […]