When it comes to adding environmentally-conscious elements to your wedding, you have to walk the walk. As a company that runs an environmentally-friendly office, we know what you’re looking for.

We run a green office by:
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  • printing as few emails and documents as possible
  • only posting our marketing material online
  • using 100% post-consumer recycled paper supplies & materials
  • recycling all glass, aluminum, plastic, cardboard and ink cartridges
  • investing in energy efficient lighting
  • joining GreenDimes.com to eliminate the amount of junk mail we receive

We’d be happy to discuss other ways we lessen our impact on the environment both personally and professionally, and how to incorporate things you already do to save the planet into your wedding

The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants has researched the best of the best. We’ve gathered environmentally-friendly professionals from all over the Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware regions to be able to offer subtle touches to your day that allow you and your guests to Recycle, Reuse and Renew.

From locally grown and organically produced food, flowers, favors and cakes, to conventional wedding products and service that are already great for the environment, we’ve got the answers.

Just remember: Green is not an all-or-nothing deal! You can easily add several small environmentally-friendly details to your wedding and still make a huge difference!