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Common Videography Questions for the Pro’s
August 29, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman  I did a post a little while back about some common photography questions that we often get…

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Danielle + Dea Engagement Session
August 4, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman I already can't wait for Danielle and Dea's wedding at the Franklin Institute this Fall and now…

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Wedding Day Timing for Photos
July 26, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman When we work with our brides on the timeline for their day we often get a lot of…

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Let the Recaps Begin!
July 5, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman It’s time! I’m so excited to start my recaps! Laura Eaton just sent me my photos and…

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Origami in the Details!
June 29, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman I really enjoy working in an industry as creative as the wedding industry, one in which trends…

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A Bank Heist Engagement Shoot
June 2, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman Creativity is never short to come by here at the Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and that…

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Get Out Of Town!
May 24, 2011

By: Rebecca Richman I love when I'm a guest at a wedding and as I check in to the hotel…

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