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Shut The Front Door!

by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   No, literally, Shut The Front Door! Recently the local news has covered a series of robberies where gifts and cards were stolen from local, Philadelphia reception venues. I’m STUNNED that this still happens, especially when you start to hear more about the specifics. In at least one case, we learned […]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wedding Gifts

by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultant   I thought today, July 4th – was the perfect day to address this issue. The Declaration of Independence insures certain unalienable rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It says NOTHING about Wedding Gifts! Recently in the news there have been several situations where brides called out […]

What you don’t know MIGHT hurt you.

    by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC   As you know if you’ve read our blog with any regularity; our focus is on couples planning weddings and NOT on wedding professionals even though we know many professionals across the globe read our posts on social media. Today’s RARE Saturday post crosses the line addressing both couples […]

Who Are You?

  We want to hear from you! Recently we were having a conversation with a bride-to-be about her wedding invitations…specifically the monogram on her invitation. We hear of more and more couples using their new ‘married’ monogram on save the date’s or invitations… Technically and according to traditional etiquette, a new couple’s ‘married’ monogram is […]

Reality TV, the internet and the $26K wedding

  A week or so ago a dear friend, who is also a wedding planner {and who also appeared on the same reality TV show I did} posted about her frustration with brides coming in talking about the media blasting pieces about the average $26K wedding… Some of the frustration comes from brides who are […]

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Our Preferred Vendor List

We get calls all the time from Wedding Professionals asking if we have a preferred vendor list and if so how to get on it… First thing you’ll notice is that I referred to people calling as “Wedding Professionals” and they use the term ‘vendors” – potato, potato… We always use the term Wedding Professionals […]

Can You Say Makhetonim?

  {LOL, sorry, I just love the way that word sounds}.Doing lots of Jewish weddings, you pick up lots of new vocabulary – Makhetonim (mock – ha –tun-im) is a great Yiddish word, it actually has no direct English translation – it roughly means co-in-laws or co- parenting your child’s spouse. We love how this […]

…and Getting Reviewed {part 3 of a series}

  All brides are beautiful! And every wedding showcased on every wedding planner’s, caterers, florists or photographer’s website is beautiful. We make an effort to showcase a wide range of the types of wedding we assist in planning – we’ve done weddings of nearly every race, religion and ethnicity. And we enjoy helping every couple […]

Our Blog, Being Social and Getting Reviewed {part 2}

  Part 2: Being Social Weddings are social events – not just for the couple getting married or their families- but for the wedding professionals too… It takes a team to make a great wedding, we LOVE the wedding professionals we get to work we refer to and we like spending time with them at […]

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Our Blog, Being Social and Getting Reviewed

  Engagement parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings are Social Events – so it stands to reason that a HUGE part of what we do is social. Weddings, in general, are about relationships – obviously yours as bride and groom, but also your families coming together, our relationship with you and our […]