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Wedding Day Lesson From An Unexpected Source

by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM   This blog post is inspired by my daughter's My Little Pony book about "The Best Wedding Ever."   Nope, I'm not joking! Two of the ponies, a Prince and a Princess, are getting married.  And the Princess asks all of her friends to take an active role:  performing music, baking a […]

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I Missed My Anniversary!

             by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM   I can't believe I missed my anniversary! (I'll blame it on our family's transition to three children in the last six months)  And no, not my own wedding anniversary (can you even imagine?!) but my Queen of Hearts anniversary!  I am happy to announce […]

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Telling Your Story: Subha and Jay

by Karen Peterkin For Subha and Jay, telling their story turned out to be quite easy.  They wanted a wedding day that was very personal, and one that honored not only cultural traditions but also special people in their lives. The Hindu ceremony and traditions were the biggest piece of the culture story they chose […]

It Takes A Village

by Karen Peterkin, PBC   I'm so excited to share the images from Sarah and Ben's Horticultural Center wedding!  Sarah and Ben utilized our Wedding Day Directing services, and during our meetings prior to the wedding, it was clear that they had a specific vision for their wedding.  They enhanced the atmosphere of Fairmount Park's […]

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Engaged: busy, occupied

by Karen Peterkin, PBC   While flipping through my copy of "Real Simple Weddings" again, I was reminded of the less romantic definition of the word engaged...  It reads:  "…the word engaged implies that you are busy, occupied…  Yes, planning your wedding is supposed to be a joyful experience, not a painful process of "do […]

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This never gets old…

 by Karen Peterkin, PBC I was so surprised to open our mailbox this week and find a card from my former clients- they had an amazing wedding earlier this Fall and I was thrilled to help them plan their wedding!  We've said it before and we'll say it again, being able to assist clients on one […]

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Welcoming Our Newest Team Member!

The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants is proud to introduce our newest team member! Eliza Christoph Peterkin was born Thursday, October 27th!  Congratulation to the entire Peterkin family, she's beautiful! Karen, who coordinated a beautiful wedding at the Horticultural Center on October 22nd, (yes, 5 days before giving birth!) will be taking some time off […]

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Subha + Jay

 by Karen Peterkin, PBC Where should I begin talking about this memorable wedding?  Subha and Jay came to me to help plan their Philadelphia wedding almost a year ago…and they knew right from the beginning that they wanted their celebration to be incredibly meaningful, detailed… and long!  They and their families were planning a double-header:  […]

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It’s my turn!

 by Karen Peterkin, PBC I've got three sisters.  In birth order I'm second born.  In height I'm the shortest. I hate shopping, especially clothes shopping.  I kind of dislike spending money in general, but I think the main thing is that I get overwhelmed with choices and how best to use my money. I love […]

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How great of a wedding gift would this be?

 by Karen Peterkin, PBC Recently Mark ran into an industry acquaintance  Joan Zylkin, an event painter and when he shared her information I thought it would be a great blog post Quite simply, she is an event painter who will come out to an event- wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions included- and do a live painting of […]