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What Happened to Earth Day?

Sunday was earth day, the 42nd Earth Day actually –  I’m proud to say I remember the first Earth Day. We cleaned up trash in the woods next to our school and planted seeds and watched them grow {although I’m not sure how good the foam cups were for the environment} Over the last few […]

How Green Is My Wedding?

Actually, how green is my wedding professional? I’m a firm believer that a green wedding starts with how green each of the wedding professionals are in their personal lives…. You can’t just wake up and decide to plan Green Weddings; it needs to be part of your day to day life! In our personal lives […]

Local Food, Seasonal Menus and Green Weddings

The other day I had the MOST AMAZING opportunity… this past fall I was at an event for the Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network and bid on a silent auction item…. Lunch with Judy Wicks! For those of you who might not recognize the name, Judy is the founder of University City’s White Dog Café, Business […]

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The Coolest Bridal Shower Ever…

We learn some of the greatest tips from our clients…. I’m working with a couple for their August wedding, and recently the groom’s aunt from Southern California planned the bridal shower…. We thought we’ve seen it all… traditional showers, couples showers, kitchen shower, wine shower… This was a Day of Service – all the guest […]

I could really use a massage….

 by Rebecca Druckenmiller The Queen of Hearts team had such an incredibly busy weekend but it was tons of fun and we’re so happy for our clients that were married. Christina led the team for Kristen and Cedric’s wedding on Friday night in south Jersey while Mark had a double header with Heather and Kevin’s wedding on […]

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Happy Earth Day!

We at Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants try to do as much as we can in both our personal and professional lives to leave as small of a carbon footprint on the planet as possible.   by Rebecca Druckenmiller We’ve already talked about how we recycle all of our non-sensitive paper, use recycled stationary and Mark […]

SustainaBall at The Chestnut Club

    I’m really excited to be attending the 4th annual SustainaBall Friday, April 23rd  at The Chestnut Club at Arcadia Theatre for an evening of local food from Cosmic Catering, eco-chic cocktails & dancing to live music by Jim Fogarty and The ToneBenders.   This fundraiser for the Sustainable Business Network includes great food, entertainment […]

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An Eco-Bride’s Guide to Make-up

It is my pleasure to introduce our guest blogger, dear friend and amazing make up artist Béke Beau! Béke’s work with our clients has been nothing short of stellar and her commitment to the environment and going green in both her personal life and business is a great example to all of us….. If you are […]

Greener by The Day….

As wedding planners we’re firm believers that before you can help brides plan Green Weddings you have to walk the walk…… The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants team members all have a dedication to doing everything we can to preserve our natural resources, reduce our waste and reuse or recycle everything we can…. In the […]

Brides opt for invitations and ink…

Christina Gargano-Lupo our team member who does all of our invitations and graphic design {she’s also an awesome planner!} …Was quoted this week in an online article in The Examiner.   In the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, designer Christina Gargano Lupo of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants has received a lot more requests for […]