When couples are planning weddings we see them get so caught up in everyone’s needs.

We get it, you’re trying really hard to be a good host – we tell couple’s all the time that this is the first big time you are entertaining as a couple.

So, making sure there are rooms available in your room block, adding on more rooms if necessary, double checking seating at the reception, special food requests, guest counts and possibly food counts to the caterer…

You go out of your way to accommodate everyone’s needs, but don’t forget the two of you!

When you are giving your final count and menu selection don’t forget to count yourselves – seriously, we’ve seen couples who give us 157 guests as the final count only for us to realize they never included themselves in their RSVP spread sheet (… that would be lines One and Two!)

We’ve also had couples who made sure that all of their family and bridal party had accommodations; they knew they were staying in the Bridal Suite the night of the weddings… but NEVER gave any thought to where they’d stay the night before the wedding. Don’t forget to book a room for each of you if you are staying over and getting ready with everyone else!

We’re excited to see so many couples taking being a good host so seriously…

But don’t forget to take some time for yourself!