by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC


Let’s face it; the wedding industry hasn’t been very friendly to Plus Sized women!

Gowns are cut much smaller than ready to wear, so an average sized woman who wears a 12 in ready to wear might now be a 14 or 16…

Fuller figured women trying on a sample in a salon might be forced to try on the sample size 10, where it might not come within 6-8 inches of closing

Finding gowns off the rack or samples in Plus Sizes can be far and few between

Not to mention that many of our colleagues in film and photography often only showcase stereotypical‘perfect’, ‘pretty’ brides.

In steps Shafonne Meyers, owner and Editor of The Perfect Pear Bride! The first blog and magazine dedicated to the Plus Size Bride! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Shafonne in Atlanta at and association of Bridal Consultants Regional Conference to learn how this wedding planner turned blogger came up with this amazing idea.

‘My wedding was great but being a plus size bride was extremely hard, there were absolutely NO, plus size brides portrayed on any of the wedding sites, blogs or magazines. And from the family side I was constantly told to lose weight or I wasn’t going to be able to fit in my gown, so that just added to the fuel. For me, I had to just deal with it because I had no outlet but the longer I spent in the wedding industry; blogging and being a wedding planner the more I thought “This is not right, something needs to be done”.’

This AMAZING site showcases beautiful brides who are plus sized, full figured, curvy and ‘fluffy’ (I love that term as I have a friend who calls herself ‘fluffy’ and I’m a bit fluffy myself), products you’ll never find anywhere else, Real Wedding and great design inspiration.

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GREAT job Shafonne! BRAVA!