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Recently we were having a conversation with a bride-to-be about her wedding invitations…specifically the monogram on her invitation.

We hear of more and more couples using their new ‘married’ monogram on save the date’s or invitations…

Technically and according to traditional etiquette, a new couple’s ‘married’ monogram is not to be used until after they are married – at the wedding reception… as a gobo projected on a wall, on your menu cards or on cocktail napkins.

It is appropriate to use each of your first names at any time…

However a traditional ‘married’ monogram for a couple…

{Bride’s first initial in a slightly smaller font, Groom’s last name initial in the center in a slightly larger font followed by the grooms first initial in a slightly smaller font}

…doesn't exist until after you are married!

So, did you use your ‘married’ monogram before your wedding?

Is it an etiquette issue your worried about?

Is it bad luck?