Our 1st List of Philly’s TOP Wedding Pros!


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by Mark L. Kingsdorf, MBC




I wish it were truly THAT easy –

Couples come to The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants for more than a list of a couple wedding professionals we might  have worked with, did an OK job, stayed out of the way and didn't complain too much…

They come to us because we have the pulse on the Philadelphia wedding market, we meet with everyone before we refer them, check them out on line, see what the buzz is in the area about what kind of job they do.

We’re out at networking events, association meetings and meeting people with new products and services; we know whose service may have slipped and who’s a rising star.

Most importantly, our job is to make you your own personalized list of the TOP wedding professionals and venues FOR YOU!

People ask me all the time what our favorite place is for weddings! What kind of wedding? Center City? , Jersey shore?  Rustic / Outdoor?  150 people or 350 people? We have LOTS of favorites… question is which one is available for you, in your budget and the best fit for your needs…

We prescreen each professional you need for Price, Product, Personality and Availability – the best wedding professional in the region is no good for you if they are too expensive or not available.

When you are looking for a customized planning experience; call our office at 267-251-7786 and lets us talk to you about a customized planning calendar, a customized budget and customized referrals of the best wedding professionals in the region for your needs, taste and budget.





  • I love this, so true! There is no one professional in any category who will be that "just right" fit for everyone. 

  • Kelly Q

    Here’s one that not professional at all.

    I made a three-hour reservation for a limo from 4 to 7 p.m. for a bridal shower/bachelorette party. I called to change that reservation to 5:30 to 7 p.m. After I was advised that it would be the same price anyway due to a three-hour minimum, I opted to keep the original reservation of 4 to 7 p.m. However, I was charged for four hours of service rather than three hours.

    LX Limo contracted out the limo rental to another company. We soon learned that the second company double-booked our limo. Halfway through the trip, the driver started yelling at me and put his supervisor on the phone five times. The supervisor told me that we had to get out of the limo.

    Unfortunately, the driver’s yelling and the supervisor’s demand that we leave the bus before our reservation was over, turned a celebratory event into a tense, stressful situation. Additionally, the driver continued to be angry with us after the conversation and did not drive us to the correct location to drop us off. Instead of taking us to Pat’s Steakhouse so that we could take some photos, he drove us to our final destination.

    The service that we received from this company was abhorrent. Not only was I overcharged, but we were kicked out of the bus before the reservation because the company double-booked the limo. The driver did not listen to our request to be dropped off at Pat’s Steakhouse, instead deciding to drop us off at our final destination.

    We disputed the charges through the company and American Express…it was a big headache and ultimately we didn’t get a single dollar back. You can see by the other reviews here that this is a company to avoid at all measures.