by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM


This blog post is inspired by my daughter's My Little Pony book about "The Best Wedding Ever."   Nope, I'm not joking!

Two of the ponies, a Prince and a Princess, are getting married.  And the Princess asks all of her friends to take an active role:  performing music, baking a cake, designing a gown.  And one of the friends is the Pony that oversees everything because she's so organized.  Clearly, she's the wedding planner!

The Princess is excited her big day has come, and hopes that everything is perfect.  Yes, she says "perfect."  And it is… until she discovers that her gown has a wrinkle, one of the musicians has a cough, the ice is melting, and she forgets her dance moves.  But she's nudged down the aisle during her panic, marries her Prince, and then feels satisfaction at the end of the event that all of her friends pulled together and that the most important thing was that she married her love.  To quote:  "The wedding may not have gone perfectly, but it really was the best wedding ever." 

I found this book profound, yes profound, for two reasons. 

Firstly, it should be a little lesson that asking your friends to helm really important pieces of the wedding, rather than trusted industry professionals, might not be a great idea in the end.  It's beautiful when friends can contribute toward the wedding day with small sentimental things, but the major pieces should be left to professionals.

Secondly, absolute perfection isn't possible and embracing that is the key to relaxation and happiness on the wedding day.  Yes, I'm being serious here, as a professional wedding planner…  We are hired to manage the chaos, and to control what you can't control, and to troubleshoot any thousands of minor and major things that can go wrong during the course of a wedding weekend so that the key players (brides, grooms and parents) don't have to.  But just because something doesn't go according to plan doesn't make it wrong or bad…just unplanned.  I've had to deal with Grandparents missing their scheduled shuttle to the ceremony, hair and makeup starting 30 minutes late in the middle of a packed timeline, a limo breaking down, and half a cake begin to lean.  But after troubleshooting those mishaps to the best of our ability, those weddings were still absolutely wonderful and incredibly memorable as an entire event.  Why?  Because the couples didn't expect perfection and because they kept close to their heart that the most important thing about the wedding day was that they married each other and had an unforgettable celebration with all of their loved ones.

It's amazing to me that a book designed for a little girl has a theme about a perfect wedding…yikes!  But at the same time I'm happy that a big lesson was presented in such a small book.  Hopefully it's a lesson more and more people take to heart!