Mark Kingsdorf, MBC


Ringing in the New Year tends to be a little anticlimactic when you work in the wedding industry…

We’ve had couples booked for 2013 wedding dates since the middle of 2012. We’ve been working with couples on personalizing their day and looking ahead to see what’s hot, fun and new for nearly that long as well.

So we wanted to share with you some of what we see as hot in 2013

  1. A Return to Elegance – 2013 is bringing back plated dinners; very soft, romantic décor in white, cream, taupe and light shades of blush and an overall elegant sophisticated feel to weddings.
  1. Gold is HOT! – We’re going to see gold enhancements on gowns, gold accessories, and LOTS of gold in décor – gold linen, chargers and risers for flowers. We’re seeing matte finish and bling alike – mixing and matching.
  1. Take A Seat – Lounge furniture for cocktail receptions is on the rise – Hi Top cocktail table are disappearing and comfy ottomans, love seats with pillows and occasional tables are taking their place. People want to relax and enjoy a cocktail and a nibble and not stand and hold a drink.
  1. Patterns – While we’ve always been big fans of incorporating swirls of color or tone on tone stripes in linen, a little pattern on your cake; Big BOLD patterns are huge – chevrons, circles and stripes are all the rage.
  1. Lace – Lace has NEVER gone out of style. Lace embellishments on gowns are bigger than ever…but the soft touches of lace are creeping up in linen overlays, as details on cakes and in bouquets.
  1. Simplicity – Simple, Elegant décor is making a comeback – ‘styled’ accents are fading… we’re seeing fewer and fewer vintage suitcases and typewriters and card catalogues are best suited for brides and grooms who are writers, teacher or librarians…not just because they are good flea market finds.
  1. Have A Mint – Mint green in any shade, pale turquoise, sea foam green and pale tones of emerald in bridesmaid’s dresses, linen, accents, and cakes are all the rage.
  1. A Little Birdie Told Me – Birds, love birds to be more specific…seem to be popping up all over weddings. Invitations, graphics, cake toppers in arrangements. The sky’s the limit.
  1. The 20’s are ROARING – A combination of the trends we already discussed – a return to elegance, soft romantic colors, art deco patterns and gold all combine to really work for a 1920’s feel. Pair this with great classic cocktails, canapés and an elegant seated dinner paired with wine, a big band sound and the theme comes to life.
  1. The Sound of Music – Couples are incorporating more unusual, interesting combos into their reception. When working with a DJ for a reception, we’re especially fans of incorporating live, unique ensembles into your reception and ceremony for a nice twist. Acoustic guitar, Latin percussion, middle eastern or steel drums – have some fun.
  1. Let’s Hear It For The Boys! The guys are finally stepping up to the plate – a larger percentage of the wedding budget than ever is going to the guys… purchasing custom suits /tuxedos, great accessories, craft beers and spirits for cocktail receptions, luxury rides and cigar rollers all add to the fun for the guys.
  1. Go Local – More and more couples are choosing venues who offer menus with fresh local, seasonal ingredients. Opting for locally brewed beers and spirits, using local, seasonal plants and flowers for décor and supporting great local businesses or charities when thinking of wedding favors or accents.

We’re really excited to see so many other touches we are already incorporating into client’s weddings hit the radar across the country…and to see what’s next!

Happy New Year and Happy Planning!