As professional wedding consultants our job is to have our ears to the ground, we hear the good , the bad and the ugly…

When we refer wedding professionals to our clients we've done our research – we know the quality of the product or service we are recommending as well as the customer service of the companies.

On occasion things even go wrong working with good companies – it's important for us to know that the people we work with stand behind their products and will do everything they can to rectify any issue.

On RARE occasions we have couples, who 'found it cheaper' – yes, we know that sometimes the people we refer to are NOT the cheapest. But we know they have amazing products and services and stand behind their work.

Let's talk about limousines, for example – I'm sure couples can find cheap limousine companies…

How'd you like to have this show up on your weddings day – 'Oh, that's not the one they had in to photo' …sorry, they used stock photos, not their own cars.

We meet with all of the limo companies we deal with, we know what the cars will look like, how their drivers are dressed, and what their customer service will be like.

What about a DJ – ya we know there are REALLY cheap DJ's out there…. How will they dress for your wedding? How does their set-up look? Do they have back-up equipment?

How'd you like this guy to show up at your wedding reception?


Take away the wife beater and put him in a suit – do you want that set up at your wedding reception?

Sometimes, the old adage 'you get what you pay for' is really true…

When you hire a professional wedding consultant trust that we have done the research and we're recommending people who will do a great job for your wedding!