This blog post was going to wait until I had more supportive photos from the photographer; however a Facebook comment about craving fruit cereal, and the commotion it caused prompted me to do this sooner…

Recently we had a couple, that when we met over a year ago, said they LOVE cereal and wanted to do a cereal bar at the end of the night… you know, sort of like a candy bar.

I then subsequently attended the wedding of one of our local Wish Upon A Wedding couples who also did a cereal bar.

Our couple’s wedding ended at 1AM with an after party in the ballroom foyer, so our couple wanted something fun that reflected them for when people left and for those hanging out at the after party.

A sign reading:

{Bride} and {Groom} love cereal, as you may already know.

Enjoy some of our favorites here, or make a bag to go!

The set up included 3 BIG bowls of their favorite cereals, another of a savory cereal mix, mini boxes of other assorted cereals and lots of bowls of fun toppings like chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, nuts, raisins, M&M’s and butterscotch chips.

There were personalized treat bags so you could mix your own snack mix and alongside that were bowls, spoons and more traditional assortments of milk (3 varieties) strawberries, blueberries and bananas if you wanted a more traditional breakfast fare.

And as if you weren’t having enough fun there were platters of marshmallow treat too.

What a great way to send off your guests and something that REALLY reflected these fun, cereal loving couples!