by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC


I’ve done hundreds of beautiful wedding and worked with hundreds of AMAZING couples and their families over the last 12 years…

They each hold a special place in my heart, as all were unique and reflected that couple's individuality.

I’m truly touched and honored that I received this post on my Facebook wall last night:

12 (TWELVE!!!) years ago tonight, a well-organized certain man asked me calmly if I had another first dance song in mind that the band could play…as the DJ had not arrived…he also sweetly reminded me that my ginormous train needed to be bustled, and he also whisked away the swaying groomsman who almost took the show away by fainting at the altar. And there were probably a billion other things that I never knew about that went right on our wedding day because of you. I Would Not Have Changed A Thing.  Thank you, Mark Kingsdorf. LOVE, your very FIRST client

As a wedding planner, you NEVER forget your first bride!

Thanks Siobhan! I love you guys too!