by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultant



Too funny how some things come from our past… my classical culinary training has taught me that Caesar Salad is done one way, one recipe and traditionally made to order often table side….

Add anything else to it and it is no longer a Caesar Salad … it’s just a new twist on a salad we’ve seen before.

Caesar Cardini, who originated the Caesar Salad in a restaurant in Tijuana during the prohibition, must roll over in his grave at some of the things added to his salad.

Truth is there are very few original ideas; everything seems to be unique twists in something someone, somewhere did previously… it might be new to you but truth is; Everything Old is New Again…

Weddings are no different; we often have people come to us who want all new original ideas, they want things no one has seen before – sometimes they come with “original ideas” which end up being a variation on something which we’ve seen blogged or in a magazine…

We get it brides are going to or will be in 5-6 weddings before or after their own and don’t want it to be cookie cutter or look like the ones they (and all their friends) just went to.

Our answer is BE YOURSELF

Make your wedding about you!

Let your guests experience things that are uniquely you and your fiancé – that’s original!

You’re you and the combination of two unique people in one marriage and one event can’t be duplicated.