by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultants



Just when you thought you’ve seen everything….

I just had one of our previous brides share this new ‘Trend’ with me and then I heard it on the local news.

It seems that some couples are now inviting their wedding photographers to come back the morning after their wedding to shoot “after glow” shots in their suite, complete with rumpled sheets and tasseled hair.

(this photo from the original article on the GAWKER}


Sort of a post wedding boudoir shoot


What are you thinking?

I’ve seen brides and grooms at a post wedding brunch where they looked like something the cat dragged in…. as if the wedding day isn’t long enough, now couples are staying up later going to their after party too.

I’ve also seen some of the destruction in a bridal suite where gifts, the grooms luggage, remnants of doing hair and makeup in the suite as well as a slew of bridesmaids getting ready are strewn across the room – BEFORE the bride and come back, exhausted to crash…

Next time you’re out with your friends and come home late, forget to take off your makeup….as soon as you wake up, jump out of bed and check out your hair and makeup in the mirror!


Now toss hung-over groom into the picture!

And you want photographers to come to your room to memorialize this moment to share with your family and friends?



That’s my opinion, what do you think? {I can’t wait to hear what some of the makeup artists and photographers say about this one}