What will you regret at the end of your wedding day?

We recently attended a Bridal Panel at our local National Association of Catering and Events chapter. It was mix of six couples, all recently married or soon to be married. Each with various budgets and styles of weddings from across the region…

A small wedding in an urban garden with a reception at a South Street restaurant, a bigger church wedding with a reception in a suburban estate, a Main Line estate wedding, a country club wedding and a downtown hotel wedding…

They were kind enough to field questions from professionals across the region and from the moderator, Alana Tosti from Philadelphia Wedding Magazine.

Several common themes came up – wanting guests to have a great time, working with friendly wedding professionals and how important recommendations were; not only from friends, but also from credible online sources.

Nearly all of the couples told the group their one regret was NOT hiring a wedding planner!

For the few who had hired someone for the wedding day, they wished they had hired someone sooner…and for the others they wished they had brought a professional on for at least the last few weeks to oversee the wedding day.

This was really not shocking to me… we know how great having a professional in your corner is to the sanity at the end of the wedding planning.

What we found shocking were the statements that followed… you see three brides (and one of the grooms from the same sex couple on the panel) work in corporate positions (marketing or meeting planning) where as part of their job they PLAN EVENTS….

The entered the process feeling fearless – I can do this, I do this at work, no problem, this is cake….

Only to realize that planning long distance across the country, finishing up grad school, working full time, dealing with family dynamics, fielding all kinds of last minute questions and issues was VERY STRESSFUL, took time away from their partner and was more work than it originally seemed.

They wished they had hired a professional planner so that they could be more present in the process and on their wedding day – for their spouse, their family and their friends.

Forget Regret. Or Life is Yours To Miss.

What will you regret after your wedding day?

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