By: Rebecca Richman

During the interview process with our clients we often get asked, "Why should I hire a wedding planner"? "What are you going to do that the 'venue coordinator' won't do for me"? At a recent wedding I came across another one of the many, many reasons to hire a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner:

In preparation for every wedding we do, we ask the officiant to provide us with a script of the wedding ceremony, (this came in handy for reason #455 in which an officiant failed to show up at a wedding but because we had the script we could provide it to a photographer who was licensed to wed). As I was reading through this beautiful script for the ceremony I took note to a part in which the bride and groom were going to present the mothers with flowers. This "tribute to the parents" was indeed mentioned in their program but we were never informed that flowers were going to be presented and because I had the floral order I knew there were no flowers for the mothers. I, as always, read through the ceremony and took note and was able to ask the florist to provide three flowers for the ceremony. Now, this certainly seems like a very minor detail but I can promise you that the venue coordinator had not spoken with the officiant to get the script in order to read through it and I can promise you that it would have gotten very akward when the officiant said "and now the bride and groom will present three flowers to their mothers" only to find that there were none there. 

It's all in the details people, and that's reason #845 why you should hire a wedding planner…