It’s sad that we’ve got to do this again – if this starts to look familiar, we did a similar post last year (Bowing Out Gracefully)….

It’s once again time for the Philly Hot List –

phl17 HOT LIST

It’s that insane, popularity contest; where people BEG family, friends, and colleagues, face book friends and total strangers to vote for them…

OK, maybe BEG is not the right word – how about ANNOY?

We are not going to participate in actively campaigning this year for Philly’s Hot list!

You see every (fill the category) begs you to vote them – as an example we have over 180 photographers in our database we work with…how do you pick JUST ONE?

And we know we are not the only planning company any of these professionals work with…

Truthfully, this takes a lot of energy and pisses off more people than it embraces – and you can’t get your business name off the website…

It’s obviously designed by people who are not in the wedding industry and don’t realize September (the final push) is REALLY busy…

We’d rather invest our time in giving good service to our couples and to newly engaged couples

(did you know that Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day all rank right up there behind Valentine’s Day, Christmas/ Chanukah and New Years for engagements?)

If you REALLY want to know who’s HOT in Philly (or anywhere else for that matter) Check out some of the reviews they're getting on sites like Wedding Wire or Wedding Channel (part of the knot) where previous couples review the people they work with.

Check out our reviews:

Wedding Wire

Wedding Channel / The Knot

So, once again – Philly Hot List, thanks for listing us- we’re just way too busy to help you build your database for mass marketing.

(Quietly steps down off soap box)