by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC – Director of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants


The day has finally come!

As some of you may know, when I started The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants nearly 13 years ago our ‘office phone’ was a cell phone.

It was great when I was working part time jobs in flower shops and bridal salons learning as I starting up the business – I was able to take calls on the road, follow up with leads and media, all from the road.

As the business grew and we became more and more visible I was juggling calls from all of my clients, inquiries for the entire team, calls from the over 3,000 wedding professionals we’ve networked with, sales people, people looking for jobs and random odd questions.

It became challenging when I was in appointments with couples or at events to be able to follow up on inquiries in a timely manner.

Part of our merger with Eventricity was the support of an office team – helping us to manage leads, scheduling appointments, client files, billing and payments.

Tomorrow The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants phone line will ring in the office, with support team to answering lines, questions and book appointments.

All of my couples will have access to me on my new cell number, just as the clients for the rest of our team have their cell numbers for direct access.

It’s really exciting as we take the next steps in raising the level of our customer service –

It frees me up to work with clients on planning and design and to spend time with the rest of the team; while still managing the expectations of newly engaged couples looking to book meetings or get more information on our services.

Here’s our number, so call us, maybe!