{LOL, sorry, I just love the way that word sounds}.Doing lots of Jewish weddings, you pick up lots of new vocabulary –

Makhetonim (mock – ha –tun-im) is a great Yiddish word, it actually has no direct English translation – it roughly means co-in-laws or co- parenting your child’s spouse.

We love how this relates to wedding planning.

Over the years we see the traditional lines of wedding planning blur; we see lots more grooms ACTIVELY involved in wedding planning. We also see contributions to the wedding budget from both sides of the aisle as well as from the bride and groom.

While this is a great thing, here’s something to keep in mind when the planning starts.

Take a look at the total wedding budget and decide in advance who will pay for what areas – people like to have input and control over what they are investing in. If someone is paying for the band they probably want to be involved in picking the band.

It’s important for wedding professionals to know who is financially responsible during the decision making process.

Too many times beautiful, fun wedding details are shared with a bride or groom who falls in love with it –only to find out from the person writing the checks that it is way out of line with the reality of the budget…

Heartbreaking for the bride and groom who now LOVE this idea or product, challenging for the parent who is not only paying for things but trying to keep the peace and VERY challenging for the wedding professionals investing time in a creative process and juggling happy bride/groom, happy parents and running a business.

Bottom line – regard less of who is paying for what in the wedding planning process – make sure the decision makers are involved in the planning from the very beginning.

It’ll make life easier for everyone involved

Happy Planning!