Our Blog, Being Social and Getting Reviewed {part 2}



Part 2: Being Social

Weddings are social events – not just for the couple getting married or their families- but for the wedding professionals too…

It takes a team to make a great wedding, we LOVE the wedding professionals we get to work we refer to and we like spending time with them at weddings because we all know the other has their back.

There are also occasions when we work with new people, many of who we really click with – their style, their professionalism and the way we do business…and then we work had to build a relationship with them.

Because for us it’s all about relationships – we know and build friendships with lots of great wedding professionals. We want to know as much about each of them as possible to be able to know who the best fit is for each couple in any given situation.

Most time being social means getting to know each other in both professional (association meetings and charity events) and personal level (hanging out and going to lunch).

So feel free to ask the wedding professionals you are working with or interviewing about other people – we LOVE the fact that our name come up when perspective couples are talking to venues and other wedding professionals. It means we’re not only building great relationships, but doing a great job too.

Being social also means sharing what we are doing on social media; we share what we are doing with local wedding professionals, with previous clients (who in turn refer us lots of friends) and can also establish us as experts in our field with other planners.

Check us out on Face Book at The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, on Twitter at @QOHweddings and on Pintrest at Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.

We LOVE being social – so feel free to reach out with questions and tell us what yu want us to blog about…