Engagement parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings are Social Events – so it stands to reason that a HUGE part of what we do is social.

Weddings, in general, are about relationships – obviously yours as bride and groom, but also your families coming together, our relationship with you and our relationship with the wedding professionals we refer to…

So I wanted to tackle some nuts and bolts of what we do and why we do it – specifically here on the blog and on social media sites.

PART 1: Our Blog

The sole purpose of our blog is to provide information and insight –

•    It’s not written for other planners or other wedding professionals –it’s written to share information that brides (and grooms) want to know. About us as a team, about our background, things we are involved in, design ideas and products. About services and professionals we think our clients (or perspective clients) will like.

•    We showcase local products and services or those national products that are available locally  – we don’t want to showcase great stuff you can’t use here in Philly for your wedding.

•    We DON’T get paid – this is not an infomercial – we don’t place ads on our site, we don’t do paid reviews and on those RARE occasions someone sends us a product to sample or review, invites our team to lunch to try their food – we tell you that….

•    You’ll see lots of photos and clips from recent weddings – we like to showcase as many styles of weddings, venues and interesting details from our weddings as possible. They may not all be the right fit for you or your family, we don’t suggest you incorporate all of them into your wedding   (maybe some which also reflect you), but we like to showcase our diversity and talent.

•    We’ll share some unsolicited advice – people hire wedding planners (and pay good money) for advice.

We share LOTS of observations, things we’ve seen work (and some we’ve seen that didn’t).

Not everything we share is right for you, your wedding or your family…take what you like and leave the rest – but if you’ve take the time to check out our site or follow our blog…I’m guessing you’re looking for some useful information from a team who has helped hundreds of beautiful (and hopefully stress-free) weddings over the last decade.

•    And lastly, we want to hear from you, this is social – we LOVE interaction! Feel free to leave comments on our blog. If there are things you want us to talk about or design ideas you want to know more about – WRITE US!

At: [email protected] – we always want new blog ideas and I’m sure other brides want to know some of the same things you do…

We LOVE our blog and hope you do too!

Next time – Social Media and Being Social; where to find us and why we do what we do