Lots of weekends we see brides-to-be out at Bridal Events where we speak, on a Sunday, with the groom-to- be at home – watching football!

Sometimes we actually see brides and grooms together – wearing football jerseys as the bride is as big of a football fan as he is…

We also know that guys involvement in planning the wedding is sometimes {don’t kill me I said sometimes!} limited to booze, food, music and cool transportation…

And we love the addition of Groom’s cake at wedding receptions…

We recently met with my colleague Lynette Camacho Thomas at Lincoln Financial Field and she shared some great ideas with us that the grooms {and a bunch of brides I know} are going to love!

Did you know there are AMAZING spaces at Lincoln Financial Field to host wedding related events?

Spaces like The Presidential Suite and The Comcast Press Box or South Lounge would be great for Rehearsal Dinners or an Engagement Party


Not only is this a fun space with great food for wedding events, but you can actually schedule tours of Lincoln financial Field for your guests as well as arrange for appearances by Swoop and {for the VERY confident bride-to-be) The Eagles Cheerleaders!

I think this is a GREAT idea for those hard core Eagles fans!

You can contact Lynette at:  [email protected] for more information and available dates