{excuse me} Sorry, it was all about the beer…

No, seriously. I was having my coffee and watching my daily dose of Fox Good Day Philadelphia; when the conversation turned to brides, weddings and beer bottles…something I obviously know a little something about.

This photo was the topic of  A LOT of controversy –

NO, this is not a shot of a mass wedding – it seems it's back stage at a New Zealand Bride of the Year competition. The critics say that the photo is 'not becoming of a bride' {Truthfully my eyes gravitated to the other bride whose strapless gown was pulled so tight she was spilling over the edge, but that's another blog post}.

Generally, our suggestion is that caterers don't pass beer bottles to ANYONE, that all beer is served in glasses.

This is the first time that you and your new husband are entertaining as a couple, I'm guessing with all of the time and resources you've invested in planning your wedding; that you don't want to look back at your photos in 20 years and see images reminiscent of a 'beef 'n beer'.

Also just as important is the fact the brown/green glass beer bottle really stand out on your beautifully designed tables, they seem to find themselves strewn all over the room (you'd be AMAZED at the places we find beer bottles when we clean up).

But, I was AMAZED by the number of responses on the Good Day Facebook page by people showing  off beer bottles at not only their reception but some at the end of the ceremony…

SERIOUSLY! Tons of people who thought it was great, they thought it was your right to be comfortable at your wedding…{OK, I get that}… but I'm sure you can be comfortable drinking from a glass {I promise!}

Unless your wedding is sponsored by a major brewing company, I can't think of any GOOD reason why you can't have beer poured into a glass

Trust me, I've done this for a LONG time, you'll see all of your wedding photos where everyone has a beer bottle and wonder what you were thinking…

However, I'm open to hearing what all of you think….