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{excuse me} Sorry, it was all about the beer…

No, seriously. I was having my coffee and watching my daily dose of Fox Good Day Philadelphia; when the conversation turned to brides, weddings and beer bottles…something I obviously know a little something about.

This photo was the topic of  A LOT of controversy –

NO, this is not a shot of a mass wedding – it seems it's back stage at a New Zealand Bride of the Year competition. The critics say that the photo is 'not becoming of a bride' {Truthfully my eyes gravitated to the other bride whose strapless gown was pulled so tight she was spilling over the edge, but that's another blog post}.

Generally, our suggestion is that caterers don't pass beer bottles to ANYONE, that all beer is served in glasses.

This is the first time that you and your new husband are entertaining as a couple, I'm guessing with all of the time and resources you've invested in planning your wedding; that you don't want to look back at your photos in 20 years and see images reminiscent of a 'beef 'n beer'.

Also just as important is the fact the brown/green glass beer bottle really stand out on your beautifully designed tables, they seem to find themselves strewn all over the room (you'd be AMAZED at the places we find beer bottles when we clean up).

But, I was AMAZED by the number of responses on the Good Day Facebook page by people showing  off beer bottles at not only their reception but some at the end of the ceremony…

SERIOUSLY! Tons of people who thought it was great, they thought it was your right to be comfortable at your wedding…{OK, I get that}… but I'm sure you can be comfortable drinking from a glass {I promise!}

Unless your wedding is sponsored by a major brewing company, I can't think of any GOOD reason why you can't have beer poured into a glass

Trust me, I've done this for a LONG time, you'll see all of your wedding photos where everyone has a beer bottle and wonder what you were thinking…

However, I'm open to hearing what all of you think….






  • No beer bottles, every glass in the brides hand should have a stem, and put the glass down before going onto the dance floor.  

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Chris! Great to hear a photogrpaher's thoughts on the matter

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry but I think this post is pathetic! How are you or anyone for that matter going to tell someone who has just gone through one of the most stressful and exciting times in their life, not to drink a beer from a bottle! I got married a year ago and I am allergic to wine and champagne not to mention I do not drink hard liquor but I wanted to have a few drinks at my reception.
    The beer I bought specifically for me was an expensive import not
    To be served in a caterers glassware but from the bottle how the brewer meant for it to be. So Queen of Hearts I suggest you watch your snobbyness and how you are offending others. You my friend are not the creme de la creme of wedding consultants and do not know all keep your nose out of other peoples personal preferences.

    • qohweddings

      Dear Jb223 –

      Thanks so much for your comments – I knew this post would be controversial when I posted it, that’s why I asked for people’s thoughts

      Keep in mind that I NEVER said I MAKE BRIDES do this, we merely suggest it and it seems from the emails so do most other wedding planners across the country, a HUGE number of photographers / film makers and a BUNCH of moms…you are ABSOLUTELY welcome to drink your beer from whatever you want.

      As for your personal comments on our style, our business and our blog – 13 years planning weddings in Philadelphia, over 400 happy couples and lots of referrals and repeat business from families means more than your rant…. but thanks for following our blog!

    • Anonymous

      "Expensive Import" and must be drank from the bottle…now who is snobby…

      • qohweddings

        Thanks! I'm glad that wasn't lost on other readers…

  • Welp, i get it.  I get that the beer bottles look bad..i really do.  But, i also know that somehow a cold beer just tastes better out of the bottle….it just does!
    Now, having said that – perhaps a cute solution would be custom coozie covers for each guest when they pick up a beer.  They could be simple and monogrammed, or just plain.  Would solve the "ugly" problem, keep the beers cold so people are less likely to 'leave them strewn about', and also is a cute guest gift.
    Another possible solution to the ugly bottles – hire one extra staff person whose sole job is to pick up beer bottles…and all the other trash left around throughout the event that always seem to sneak in and ruin an otherwise beautiful photo. 🙂

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Lara – that's a very cute idea and actually did that for an after party…I'm sure it've very practical in Belize.

  • One, but certainly not the only, reason brides retain a wedding planner is to guide them through etiquette and entertaining propriety.  For many, this is the largest and most elaborate event they have ever planned.  That being said, this is NOT a backyard barbecue, fish fry, kegger, book club, birthday party, etc.  It is a formal and celebratory occcasion that calls for a sense of style AND decorum. 

    You can pay for school, but you can't buy class.

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Terrica – glad to here from another planner

    • Agreed! Well said!

  • well put Mark…glad I stopped by today for the read..you are by far the lease snobbiest, and you are entitled to your opinion, after all, 13 years and over 400 couples speaks louder than Anonymous.
    Rock on! @delsdiva

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Susan! To know me is to love me… I'm actually very approachable

  • Thank you for posting this Mark. As a wedding photographer, we on occasion have had brides look at a photo and wish there wasn't something in it without expensive retouching (and let's not get started about the ubiquitous water bottle!) All this is is a nice reminder that is often overlooked by brides and your insight from experience. That's why they hire you! I highly doubt you would ever force couples to do something, and I didn't get that at all from your post.

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Jackie, I LOVE hearing from photographers on this – especially you who does lots of cool, 'out fo the box shots'….WHEW,  for a minute I worried the JB was you (LOL)

  • Call me a snob then, but I hate seeing women drinking beer out of a bottle even at a backyard BBQ – beer glasses just look classier.

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Amy! Glad it’s not just a ‘Philly thing’ and that other planners feel this way!

  • Valerie

    I guess I'm a snob too, it is not becoming to see a woman with a bottle of beer up to her mouth.  Come on don't you care how you look.  It's not cute.

    • qohweddings

      Thanks Valerie! Another planner weighing in!

  • Gina

    Oh dear, the only thing worse than a bride with a beer bottle is a bride with a cigarette. I’m so thankful you wrote this post and hope people follow your words of wisdom. You, my love, are a genius & always look out for your brides. they are very lucky to have you! Xoox

  • Liz

    In this business, we have seen it all. I would have gladly taken beer bottles, rather than the bottles of vodka and teqila that we had on each table at a wedding a few weeks ago…that was a real mess!  I have to agree, there is nothing cute or pretty or sexy about a bride with a beer bottle. But, that's why we are there, to hopefully remind them that the photo's are forever, while the beer is only temporary.

  • ABSOLUTELY agree with you… 150%!

  • Had to share a funny story on this topic from a wedding last weekend.  The mother of the groom planned the wedding almost entirely, as the bride and groom are both in medical school out of state. The wedding was held at the riverfront home of parents of groom, and was meant to be an intimate family affair. However, the MOG follows Emily Post to the letter in her daily life, and of course did nothing less for the wedding. She is the epitamy of a gracious hostess. However, when we were meeting with the bartending service, they asked the obligitory question: Do you want us to pour beers into glasses? Naturally I assumed she would say, "of course!" But much to my surprise, she said, "Oh no, we're Southern! We drink from the bottle!" I had to laugh. Luckily the bride's dirnk of choice was a lemon drop, so her beautifully etched glass will be in her photos.

  • Nothing can remove the sophisticated and elegant ambiance of a wedding reception faster than guests swigging brewskis from a longneck.  What's next?  No utensils for dinner?   Suitable for a sports bar or frat party, drinking from bottles is very unladylike for the bride (or ANYONE at the reception for that matter).  Great topic, Mark!  Thanks for posting and opening a passionate dialogue.

  • Pat Ambrosius

    Sorry, folks, but there is a time, place, and atmosphere for everything.  Lovely bride cinched into a beautiful white formal gown, groom in tux or wonderfully-cut suit, proud family members in their formal wear…NOT the place for beer bottles.  If you want an informal wedding, then by all means go that way…it's what's right for you.  But why go to the expense of a formal wedding and then introduce elements that don't belong?  If you want people to respect the significance of what you choose for your wedding, you have to respect it first.

  • Pat Ambrosius

    By the way…I'm a Southerner and I don't drink beer from a bottle.

  • Taylor Fleeson

    Just saw this, well done.  Is all ettiquette snobbery too?