by Karen Peterkin, PBCTM


I can't believe I missed my anniversary!

(I'll blame it on our family's transition to three children in the last six months)  And no, not my own wedding anniversary (can you even imagine?!) but my Queen of Hearts anniversary! 

I am happy to announce I've been with the Queen of Hearts for FIVE years now!

Rewind 8 years ago:  I was preparing for my own wedding and teaching middle school general and instrumental music. 

Fast forward a little to 6 1/2 years ago:  my hubby and I welcomed our first child and I never went back to full-time teaching.  In the year that followed my son's birth I began to research the wedding planning industry (and interest of mine that would still allow me to stay home full-time), found the Association of Bridal Consultants, became a member, completed coursework, and reached out to our local Philadelphia area networking group. 

There I met Mark and the rest is history! 

I began as an intern and assistant, and since have been proud to assist, coordinate, and plan weddings for many amazing clients!

And while starting our family ended the "music teacher" chapter of my life, my experience has blended smoothly with many of my wedding clients- including Jessica and Fred's Philadelphia wedding, where finding the right jazz trio for their intimate event was one of their top priorities. 

















I helped Subha and Jay plan a 16-hour Hindu/American double-header of a wedding day…

























I assisted with Emily's wedding day and helped her sister Liz plan her wedding, all  in one year…




















I, along with the ever-supportive Queen of Hearts team, assembled centerpieces and arranged DIY decor for Sarah and Ben's wedding…

I've fluffed gowns, repaired cakes, sewed clothing, bandaged injuries, taken care of fussing kids, completed more wedding itineraries and timelines than I can count, worked with some insanely talented wedding professionals…the list could go on and on.

It's a privilege to have served, and continue to serve, our outstanding clients on one of the most important days and adventures of their lives! 

Here's to many more years!