Sunday was earth day, the 42nd Earth Day actually –

 I’m proud to say I remember the first Earth Day. We cleaned up trash in the woods next to our school and planted seeds and watched them grow {although I’m not sure how good the foam cups were for the environment}

Over the last few years the talk in weddings was all about Green Weddings it was the big buzz word in weddings – EVERYONE was suddenly a Green Wedding Planner

But this year, it rained and people were busy and no one in weddings was buzzing about Green Weddings… Where did they all go? Are brides still doing Green Weddings?

Of course they are, and so are we…

I’m a firm believer that Green Wedding Planners aren’t made, we’re born – you can’t be a green wedding planner without living a green life.

In our personal lives each of our team members recycle as much as possible {Rebecca’s husband works for Recycle Bank},  we all try to purchase local , seasonal and organic foods, in my house we compost and drink filtered water ….we  brought in an eco-friendly landscape company to plant our yard with native plants….

It translates into our business…. We recycle in the office, bring home anything we can from events to be recycled, use post-consumer recycled paper, recycle ink cartridges, print as little as possible, all of our documents are send via PDF rather than printing out contracts and planning documents and we support great environmental causes.

We’re members of the Sustainable Business Network and attend (and have presented to) the PhilaGreen Hospitality Association… we’ve registered to reduce the amount of junk mail people send us and donate to plant trees instead of sending direct mail.

We encourage couples to shop locally, use local materials and foods whenever possible, we offer great eco-friendly invitation designs and know what standard wedding practices are just plain good for the environment…

So, you see Green Weddings and Green Wedding Planners are alive and well – but the circus has moved on – there’s another buzz word another new trend… and those of us who have always supported protecting our environment are still doing it…

Not JUST on Earth Day, but every day.