I admit it.  we’ve become a society who has forgotten what a pen and paper are for…I’m somestimes guilty of it too…

Sending off an email thanking someone for lunch or a referral or professional advice is the casual easy way out…

Text messages THX, TNX or TU – just don’t cut it when it comes to wedding gifts

Regardless of whether you thank someone in person at your wedding, it’s in good taste to write a simple Thank You note for Engagement, Shower and Wedding Gifts.

This is a unilateral obligation – guys can assist in writing thank you notes as well…

Etiquette dictates that you have three months after the gift has been received to write the note… however here are some recommendations to help speed up the process

  • At the time of you engagement, purchase some pretty, classic simple thank you notes to use as you receive engagement gifts.
  • After the engagement party, sit down and write thank you notes for those gifts
  • We recommend NOT using a gift until you have written the thank you note
  • Place the gift in front of you on the table, looking at it you are more likely to be able to come up with something specific to say about that gift (beautiful candlestick)
  • If you are planning on returning the gift be as general, yet polite and appreciative as possible
  • As you plan your wedding and begin to order save the date cards or invitation – think about ordering Thank You notes which compliment your stationery
  • Thank you notes don’t HAVE TO match you stationery but it’s a nice touch
  • Refrain from putting you wedding date on your Thank You notes; you’ll be glad you did as you’ll be able to use the extras long after the wedding.
  • When it comes to writing Thank You notes for your wedding gifts, we recommend addressing the note cards in advance of the wedding – it makes it easier and quicker to get them done after the wedding.

IF, by chance, you are one of those people who are reading this and your wedding was more than three months ago….

You’re not off the hook! Take a few minutes and get them done…

I’m amazed by the number of people I hear from who judge the next gift they give by whether or not (and when) they got a thank you note from that person in the past…

While note writing may be a lost art, your friends and family will appreciate that you took the time to write a personal note….