by Karen Peterkin

For Subha and Jay, telling their story turned out to be quite easy.  They wanted a wedding day that was very personal, and one that honored not only cultural traditions but also special people in their lives.

The Hindu ceremony and traditions were the biggest piece of the culture story they chose to tell. 

Even for their guests that were not familiar with the Hindu traditions, they made programs that were very easy for guests to follow – that explained each step of the ceremony.  Guests knew from the very start that the Hindu culture would be woven into their wedding day, and not just during their morning ceremony.

Their wedding invitations (created by our very own Christina) reflected the traditional vibrant wedding colors and also incorporated a Henna-style design.  This cultural design was woven into the rest of the wedding- on their table numbers, escort cards, and even on their beautiful wedding cake!

At the evening reception, following their civil ceremony, it was important to them to introduce their bridal attendants to their guests.  They chose not to print programs for their evening ceremony, so they created "Meet the 'Maids" and "Meet the 'Men" displays to be placed on cocktail tables.  Each frame had a picture of one of their bridesmaids or groomsmen, and included a story about how they met the couple, details about their relationship, and some fun facts.  It was a wonderfully interactive way for their guests to learn more about their attendants.

Subha and Jay also chose to have specialty napkins created for their event.  These napkins were used at the bar and during cocktail hour, and included fun little facts about them.  These festive trivia-type questions and answers definitely helped the guests to feel more connected to Subha and Jay and their story.

Photography by Ashley Bartoletti Photography