By Rebecca Richman

We always strive to make our clients' weddings a true reflection of them, but we also encourage our couples to be mindful of ALL of their guests and to do their best to make everyone as comfortable as possible. 

Many times we create lounge spaces for our couples who want a quite space for their guests to “retreat” to if they need a few minutes of quiet or want to catch up with friends and family in a quieter space.  I recently helped a couple who had some guests who due to their culture and religion weren’t going to be partaking in the dancing and drinking. Instead of creating a lounge space that still was close to a bar or close to the dancing we found a true quiet area and using candles, guided guests to this quiet lounge. Instead of locating another bar in this space, we allowed a tea station to be the focus. Guests instead could help themselves to warm beverages and were truly in a space where they could feel comfortable and slightly removed from the dancing and music in the other room.  It also still made them feel special, that we didn’t just expect them to take a seat in the lobby or leave immediately following dinner.

If you have guests who don’t want to consume alcoholic beverages due to preference or religion but also have a lot of guests who do want alcohol, consider butlering specialty drinks like warm apple cider (with cinnamon sugar on the rim! Yum!) for the Fall or a raspberry lemonade with sugar on the rim in the Spring and Summer! We also had multiple bars at this event; the primary bar was stocked solely with the non-alcoholic specialty drinks and we had another bar off to the side where we had the alcohol. That way the bar wasn't the focus of the cocktail hour. Finally we asked that the staff not serve wine tableside and to asks guests “can I get you anything” instead of “can I get you another drink” so that no one would feel uncomfortable. 

You can't please everyone, we know that, but you can try to be mindful of your guests and their comfort in addition to yours so that everyone can enjoy the night.