We are truly blessed to be in this great industry, we know it’s hard work, and we know the hours are long –

But we LOVE what we do. We get to be part of people’s lives, make amazing friends and if you’ve ever had a peak behind the scenes you know we have some of the COOLEST networking events and conferences ever.

And with the talents and relationships we have, we know there is no better way to show our gratitude than to GIVE BACK…

Nine years ago, Mark, along with his friend Harry Giordano of City of Hope Cancer Center founded Let Them Eat Cake – the region’s largest wedding cake competition. It brings together the region’s top professional cake artists, students of pastry arts, great wedding professionals, brides and foodies alike!

This year will mark the 8th annual competition – to be held Monday, April 2nd at the Loews Hotel Philadelphia.

When word got out that our good friend and wedding cake superstar Sylvia Weinstock will be returning as our celebrity judge the competition went wild… all 40 spaces for professional entries as well as those allotted for students FILLED.

Other judges come from the local culinary arts, media and wedding industry – this is a great way to have a great time, check out the best of the best in local wedding cake design and support a great cause.

This event is held in memory of Lois Kingsdorf (Mark’s mom) who died of breast cancer 25 years ago and is open to not only the wedding industry, brides but the general public as well.




Another great cause we support is Wish Upon A Wedding!

Can you imagine being in love, wanting to start a life and plan a future with the person of your dreams and knowing you have been diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness?

Wish Upon A Wedding tackles exactly that issue… started just two years ago in Northern California, Wish Upon A Wedding has grown to over 20 chapters nationwide – Philadelphia Chapter launched January 2011 and has already granted two wishes with several more in the works.

(photo by Cindy Guessford Photography)

(photo by Sarah Dicicco Photography)

While this AMAZING organization is made up of mainly wedding and event professionals across the region, there are LOTS of other ways for everyone to get involved – by attending a local event (our Chinese New Year Banquet with Chef Joe Poon was AWESOME), volunteering at an event or making a donation in lieu of favors at your wedding.

Mark, Rebecca and Phyllis Jablonowski (from our Eventricity team) are founding members and the rest of our team all offer time and talent to this wonderful organization.

You can follow up on Facebook at: facebook.com/WishUponaWeddingPhiladelphia

Have you ever played Secret Santa? Imagine playing Secret Santa for a family where someone is struggling with cancer, trying to make ends meet, running to doctors’ appointments and possibly not being able to make ends meet?

This is one of the many things The Breathing Room Foundation tackles for families living with cancer. Founded in 1997 we are grateful that Phyllis got us involved in the Secret Santa program and love being able to play a small part in helping these families.

So, you see, while we LOVE weddings and that’s where our HEART is – we know that giving back and getting involved is the best way to pay back the success we have had and the relationships we have forged.

We’d love if you were to support one of these amazing local organizations!