Yup, that would be 12 for you and me – however I’m beginning to think that dog years and wedding planning years are about the same…

Because if you know anything about the wedding business, years in the wedding industry are hard! It’s an industry where you live and die on your reputation, you're only as good as your last wedding and people come and go…

While we LOVE our couples and what we do, we know it’s a lot of work too.

The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants was born January 28, 2000 – so that officially makes us 12 years old today!

And as we look back as a team on what has been accomplished, we’re really proud of what we’ve done as well as where we are going!

What started out as one person and one wedding our first year {Hi Siobhan & Rick- yes, we still keep in touch} we laid a great foundation in this industry and met great wedding professionals.

We’re very blessed that our dedication to our clients and our standards of excellence has served us well

This year one of the accolades we received was “Best of the Knot 2012” an award they started in 2007 and we’ve won Best of for Philadelphia Wedding Planner every year since – longer than some businesses have been around.

We’ve been voted Brides Choice 2012 by Wedding Wire – making this our third year in a row in the top 5% of wedding professionals.

And while we've been featured in may regional and national blogs and wedding magazines on a regular basis….

While all of these look great in our portfolio; we’re honestly most excited by the families who have invited us to be part of their lives – not JUST for one day, and not just for the planning…but for years to come.

Seeing couples start families of their own and now twelve years later seeing those kids become teens is AMAZING

Thanks for inviting The Queen of Hearts family to become part of your families …

We’re so excited for more things to come!