By Rebecca Richman

I’m currently in the process of working with a few of my brides for their ceremony and reception décor and I found that Pinterest is a great tool to use to organize photos of things that they like or would like to do.  Think of Pinterest as a pinboard or an inspiration board.  As you are browsing around the web you “pin” photos of things that you like.  You can create a board in Pinterest for flowers that you like or for dresses that you like and then when you are browsing around and find a dress that you definitely want to try on or find, you “pin” it to the dress board and it’s location on the web will be saved there so you can go back to that webpage and find where you saw the dress.

I have a Pinterest account and use it for a variety of things like recipes I want to try, or things I want to do to my home but I also have boards for interesting or beautiful flowers I find online or absolutely stunning gowns.  Below is an example of what a board looks like:

Pinterest Wedding Inspiration Board

Pinterest Wedding Inspiration Board


What is great too is that I (your planner) can see what flowers you have on your boards or what décor photos that you like and would like to use as inspiration for your wedding. It gives me a great idea of what types of things you are drawn to or what ideas you'd like to incorporate or customize for your wedding. Most of all though it's such an easy (AND FUN) way to organize your photos!

You can find me here, see you on Pinterest!  But beware…it’s addicting!