We’ve added a new category to our blog – ‘Telling Your Story’

We as wedding planners are a lot of things – we are peace of mind, a neutral third party in times of drama with family and friends, we are that connection to the best of everything wedding….

But mostly we are story tellers –  our job is to help couples design a wedding that is truly reflective of them –  as individuals, as a couple and as two families coming together…

Typically the most obvious story telling is done through the use of photographs and film to both tell and capture their history…

But while this series includes those elements and the wonderful professionals we work with; it’s more about the food, beverages, décor, stationery or music we work with each couple to include in their wedding AND WHY.

What elements of that wedding tell their unique story –

I recently heard a comment that it used to be, when you saw a vintage typewriter or wooden card catalogue on an escort card table it meant the couples were writers or librarians – now it just means they had a great flea market find…

We urge couples not to use elements like these and help them design elements to Tell THEIR Story