by Karen Peterkin, PBC


While flipping through my copy of "Real Simple Weddings" again, I was reminded of the less romantic definition of the word engaged... 

It reads:

 "…the word engaged implies that you are busy, occupied…  Yes, planning your wedding is supposed to be a joyful experience, not a painful process of "do this" and "do that."  But as you sit at your kitchen table amid a sea of bridal magazines…you start to feel overwhelmed." 

How about that for a pep-talk for all those newly engaged couples? 

As we stated several blog posts ago and hopefully this reminder from "Real Simple Weddings" is a further motivator:  just take a pause and enjoy being engaged: betrothed…in love! 

The next step in the wedding planning process WILL involve "to dos" and timelines and deadlines and "do you like this color? …this dress? … this linen?"  

But the most important thing is the relationship between the prospective bride and groom and families. 

And if we wedding planners can help with taking any of the stress away, and certainly the time it takes to narrow down wedding professionals and venues and services, well, then we're doing our job. 

We help to make being engaged less of being "occupied and consumed" and more of the good (fun) stuff!