Happy New Year!

We’re guessing that many of you reading this are recently engaged, Congratulations!

You’re probably coming here for sage advice, some majorly out of the box revelation – and the truth about 2012 is that it’s all about you, your appreciation of your guests and NOT doing the same thing that you saw your friends doing last year…

I know that sounds counterproductive coming from wedding planner, but really – it’s all about things reflecting you….

And NOTHING people are claiming is “NEW for 2012” is anything we haven’t done already!

  • White weddings are in! OK? White weddings are always in… they are elegant, romantic and beautiful when paired with crystal, platinum or silver accents. You just need to decide if a White Wedding fits your personality…
  • Return to Glamor! Again, vintage, 1930’s black and white rarely goes out of fashion – beautiful accents of art deco, black and white checked dance floor, vintage touches and some feathers –again details that reflect you…
  • Black Wedding Gowns! Really Vera?  Trend setter Vera Wang is showcasing BLACK wedding gowns at bridal market and made a big splash – I’m sure there are some ‘Goth’ girls who are jumping for joy….however I’m not sure where the mass appeal of this gown is. Black accents, ya we get it….black gowns, not so much.

  • Pantone #17-1463 – Tangerine Tango – definitely a BOLD color for weddings, depending on your bridesmaids coloring and the time of year ( probably not a Halloween color) you may see this in bridesmaids dresses…chances are you’ll probably see it as an accent for a pop of color when paired with shades of purple or Cobalt blue.

  • Prosecco is HOT – Slightly sweeter than its French cousin Champagne we’ve got couples using it for Toasts, a Wine Bar {In a BIG carved ice bowl} and as gifts in guests’ “Welcome Bags”  –  we’re loving this!
  • Local fun and funky food – food from your favorite restaurant or celebrity chef will remain hot, as well fresh, local seasonal foods. Fun things like Food Trucks or things guests can see being prepared in front of the (action stations) will remain hot.
  • Desserts and a ‘Good Night Kiss’ will get bigger than ever…. While wedding cakes will remain a MAJOR focus of every wedding – other desserts will remain in the spot light.


  •  Butler Passed Desserts(finger food while your guests remain on the dance floor) will continue to grow in popularity as guests can stay on the dance floor!


  • Cupcakes, cookie bars and candy bars are here for at least one more season – putting a personal twist on these will be the key. Favorite flavors, family recipes and displays incorporating personal touches will be what make it yours.


  • Good Night Kiss – is a small snack or beverage as guests are leaving your wedding….Hot cocoa, cookies and milk, Philly soft pretzels – the sky’s the limit. Fun and reflective of you are what makes this the last impression of your wedding.


  • Photos booths are here to stay – guests love having fun – fun twists on the original, fun props or multiple copies they can put into a guest book for you and your fiancé make it memorable.

So, as you see 2012 is bringing no earth shattering trends….

In 2012, a ‘return to elegance and simplicity’ will be the motto – Will and Kate’s royal wedding while in amazing, historic and opulent locations was somewhat understated….

While Kim K’s over the top wedding and short lived marriage seems to have caused brides to take a ‘U Turn” back to Simple and Elegant.

We’ve been preaching “Make your wedding a reflection of you” for some time now. Our job as planners is to get to you know each of our couples and to help draw out their personalities in their weddings.

What wedding trends can we help you set in 2012?