“Do I really need a planner?”

Hiring a professional is ALWAYS a good idea! {We hire professional attorneys, accountants and web designers, because we know our strengths and weaknesses. What we know and what we don't know!}

However, knowing how much help you need and where you are OK with turning over some control is the key part.

No everyone needs or wants Full Service Planning, we find that many of our clients are a) busy professionals with hectic schedules, b) travel out of town frequently for work, c) live out of state or country or d) know what their free time is worth to them and REALLY want life to remain as normal as possible during the planning process.

The biggest obstacle to Full Service Planning is typically: “I don’t want to turn over all the control in my wedding to someone else!”

To those of you who feel that way – WE HEAR YA!

Wedding planning is ALWAYS a partnership! It’s not our wedding…. We know there are some very personal, very emotionally driven decisions and family always plays into the process {for better or for worse}.

We’re here to make the process easier – to narrow down the time you spend searching. We recommend Wedding Professionals based on their availability as well as the 3 P’s {price, product and personality} – we simple do all of the leg work and make recommendations to you of the top 3 picks….you get to make all of the final decisions!

We’re here to offer your ideas and suggestions, to be someone to bounce ideas off and to brainstorm with – you make all of the final decisions.

You may still not be comfortable turning this all over – so Individual Consultations may be just the right brainstorming session for you to ‘ask the expert’ rather than ‘phone a friend’ – it’s a great way to look at the big picture from the beginning, to get some coaching before diving in and possibly making some costly mistakes.

Or, you might have started the planning and hit a road block and need help trying to regroup and reorganize…Individual consultations work for that too

Many people want to do the planning but also know that they want to be a guest at their own wedding { and want mom to be one too} so a Wedding Day Director might be your best option – however, keep in mind that ‘Wedding Day Director’ should start well before the wedding day – NO ONE can jump in on the wedding day and make it all magically come together….we need to reach out to your team and find out who is doing what, when and what your hot button issues are {anyone who tells you differently is lying}.

So there are many options to work with a professional planner to help you through the process {or part of the process}….

Email us or call us at 267-251-7786 to talk about which services might be the best fit for you and your wedding

Finding the right fit for you and your specific needs and situation is HUGE…