According to statistics, Christmas has more engagement proposals than any other day of the year… and this year with Hanukkah and Christmas falling together, larger still.

So, one would assume that many of you reading our blog for the first time are VERY recently engaged…so, CONGRATULATIONS!

We wanted to share some simple tips with you – we know that most of you have never planned a wedding before and same goes for many of your parents.

So we’ll give you some simple tips to make the process of planning your wedding easier…

  1. For right now, don’t do anything! I know you’re already here, so you’ve already started the process and it’s just the day after Christmas…. Take some time, get used to saying fiancé and not ‘boyfriend’, spend some time with family and enjoy ringing in the New Year with friends. {many wedding professionals are either working New Year’s or trying to spend some time with family – not hearing back right away will only make you frustrated}.


  1. There are a few simple things to do BEFORE you start the planning process –
    • Work on a rough draft guest list
    • Talk to the people who will be contributing financially to the wedding
    • Look at your schedules and any other possible weddings of close friends or family coming up in the near future.

Knowing an approximate number of guests will help you to look at reception venues which are of the appropriate size before heading off to look at dozens of the wrong places. Approximately 15-18% of you list will respond NO, slightly higher if you have a lot of family out of or across the country. {Holidays and other random situations may affect numbers as well}

Knowing who is contributing and how much will keep you from selecting a reception venue which may start you out over budget and headed for disaster… {There are some simple formulas to come up with a working budget and prioritizing what is important to you and your fiancé}

Looking at your schedules as well as dates for family and friends already planning a wedding will help you narrow down a time of year for your wedding {and possibly eliminate stepping on toes and creating hurt feelings}.


  1. DON’T GO GOWN SHOPPING! I know this is hard, as several of you may have already gone gown shopping in anticipation of getting engaged…. There are few things worse than falling in love with a gown which is a) WAY over budget, or b) not appropriate for your ceremony or reception venue {we’ve seen brides getting married in the summer, outside in a heavy beaded gown} AND, many of the new styles shown at wedding markets in the fall will be arriving in local stores late January or early February…

So, this is a good start…..

BREATHE, RELAX and enjoy being engaged….

After you’ve enjoyed this for a while, call {267-251-7786} and make an appointment to talk about your wedding….we’d love to share more tips with you…and see what services might be best suited for your specific situation.

Next up….”Do I really need a wedding planner?”  And “Who is the best fit for me?”