by Mark Kingsdorf, Master Bridal Consultant TM


Is your story!

Despite what you think, we’re not really Wedding Planners or Wedding Designers…we’re actually story tellers…

Our job is to learn about you!

You –  as individuals, as a couple and as two families coming together… and to help you express that story to the family and friends attending what is probably the biggest day of your life (thus far).

We learn about your likes, hobbies, favorite foods, favorite article of clothing and also your dislikes, allergies and yes, possible drama….

While documenting your story in photos and film is the tangible part of your day; and when the wedding is over and is hugely important in telling your story to family and friends… every detail from the season, venue and save the date through your choice of colors, food and décor all play a part in telling your story.

We LOVE when people walk away from a couple’s wedding saying how much is a reflection of them as a couple… How it told their story.

We’re a great tool in that process, coming up with a game plan to showcase you – pairing you with the best wedding professionals to tell your  story and then managing the process to make each ‘chapter’ of the day come together so the story reads well.

We as a team, are here to help you tell the story of you…

What will your wedding say about you?