By: Rebecca Richman

I came across this event on Twitter and quickly got a few friends together to go. Design Sponge is one of my favorite blogs to follow they have the cutest DIY projects and great home decorating tips. Creator, Grace Bonney also recently put together a book and is finishing up a book tour that combines crafting, food and incredible spaces. This book signing event was at Anthropologie headquarters down by the Navy Yard and we were going to be making Christmas wreaths so as an Anthro addict, I really couldn't pass it up. 

Anthropologies' space is so much fun, if you ever have a chance to see the place get there because it's so full of fun things and is so inspiring. As we walked in they had Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling! 

Above: Personal Photo

Grace was there to explain to us how to start our wreaths. You start with a wire form and you basically just layer on the greens. You start with your base greens and just wire them on using floral wire. Start in one spot and just keep turning your wire base and adding on.

Above: Personal photo

Next you layer in your 2nd layer of greenery, here we were using eucalyptus. 

Above image used with permission by Courney Apple Photography

Hard at work with Alicia Nathanson and Sarah McKay, thanks for coming with me girls! 

Above: Personal photo

Finally you add in your accent decorative pieces like berries, cotton, and bows. I found that putting together my wreath is very similar to how we plan and design our events. For event planning, we start with a vision and a venue and layer in a photographer, musicians, videographer and florist. For event design we start with a base (a favorite flower, color palette, linen) and layer in centerpieces and lighting and finish it off chargers, chair covers and menu cards. 

Above image used with permission by Courney Apple Photography.

All Done! 

Above: Personal photo

To top off the night they had hot chocolate (we referred to it as hot chocolate pudding because it was so thick and yummy) and a photo booth to go along with the book signing! P.S. if you're wondering, the book is great. There are tons of fun pictures and tips and projects, it'd make a great holiday gift!

Above: Personal photo

Above image used with permission by Courney Apple Photography