By Rebecca Richman 

In some cases, depending on the venue, we have to get creative with the way we seat gets for the ceremony.  The venue could be limited in space available or there could be physical structures like columns that prevent us from doing a traditional set up.

In these cases, we find ways to get creative with the seating to accommodate the guests. In other cases I have a bride of groom who want to be untraditional in the way they seat their guests. I am currently planning a wedding ceremony in the Planetarium at the Franklin Institute and the bride and groom are requesting a circular seating arrangement, which I really love. I think it creates a really intimate environment to have all of your friends and family surrounding you as you say your vows.

When planning a seating arrangement like this just be conscious of any large structure that might have sides which would obviously obstruct your guests view. 


Photo Credit: Kevin Chin